Another San Jose Short Sale Closed by Short Sale Agent

Short Sale time frames vary depending on the number of loans and who services the loans.

If all short sales were processed like Wachovia short sales then this short sale agent would enjoy managing short sales! Truthfully, short sales are work, work and more work. No one really knows how much work goes into processing a short sale until one actually processes a short sale.

Below is an outline of the time frame for this Blossom Valley home short sale. It was not a HAFA short sale. The property was an investment property and not the sellers primary residence.

  • List Date: July, 4, 2011
  • List Price: $153,000
  • Sale Date: July 8, 2011
  • Days on Market: 4
  • Lender Approval: July 18, 2011
  • Number of Days to Obtain Approval: 7 days
  • Close of Escrow: August 8, 2011
  • Sales Price: $145,000
  • List to Close: 5 weeks to the day!

Documents Required:

  • 1 page Wachovia Fast Track Form which took approximatley 1 minute to complete.
  • Non-HAFA participation letter. This was to ensure the file was not automatically routed to HAFA and slow the process down.
  • Third Party Authorizaton
  • Listing Agreement
  • Purchase Agreement
  • HUD
  • Buyers Proof of Funds

That’s all folks. No tax returns; No pay stubs; No bank statements; and No B.S.


Seller Incentive if closed within 30 days of approval: $3,000.

Agent Incentive if closed within 30 days of approval: 1% of Sales Price or $1,450.00

Wachovia Short Sales – This Short Sale Agent’s Dream Come True!

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