San Jose Short Sale Agents and Third Party Negotiators

Hiring San Jose Short Sale Agents who hire a Third Party Negotiator is much like drinking and driving. It’s a lethal combination that could be deadly in terms of a successful short sale. Prudent decision-making dictates … don’t do it!

I was talking with a buyer’s agent on one of my short sales. The buyer’s agent and I have a good rapport. He is very responsive to phone calls, emails and quickly returns documents that require signatures.  As a San Jose short sale agent, I appreciate a responsive buyer’s agent. 

The agent expressed his appreciation for how I manage my short sales.  I explained why I do not use a third party negotiator.  My reasons resonated with him as he experienced the same issues with the negotiator he hires to manage his short sales.  However, he simply does not like managing the short sale so he hires the task out.  I believe this practice ultimately compromises the sellers in exchange for his personal comfort.  

Short Sales are not Child's Play

I strongly believe San Jose short sale agents need specialized training in order to be effective. Unfortunately, training is not required by the California Department of Real Estate. One only need a real estate license to transact short sales.

Agents who are not trained and/or who do not want to negotiate the short sales should focus on non-short sale activity. I’ve been listing and closing short sales long enough to know what happens when an agent attempting a short sale does not know what they are doing. Ultimately, it serves no one except possibly the agent if they manage to get the approval and close the sale.

The Buyer’s asked me if I offered short sale negotiations as s service.  I explained the reason why I do not. It’s essentially the same reason I don’t hire out the service.  I have little control over the transaction when someone else is tasked with dealing with the lenders and servicers. Conversely, as a third party negotiator, I have no control over the sellers. Control meaning setting realistic expectations upfront, keeping lines of communication open, and ensuring full cooperation with the process.

My clients hire me to list, market, negotiate and close the short sale.

Hire an Experienced Short Sale AgentEven though I do not necessarily enjoy dealing with the lenders and/or servicers and their broken short sale process, I do not believe there is anyone who can do a better job than me.  My short sale success fully supports that statement.

If you need a San Jose short sale agent, then hire an agent qualified to do their job which is to help you avoid foreclosure and ensure your best interests are being served at all times. 

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  1. When people need to short sale their home they need to know that there someone that knows the process and that they can trust to get the deal closed. There are ready a little leery with the lack of funds for the mortgages. It’s good they have you in the San Jose area.

    • San Jose Short Sale Agent says:

      Las Cruces Team, Hiring an experienced short sale agent is the key to a successful short sale. I strongly believe that many short sales that don’t close are largely due to inexperienced agents who do not know the process or how to escalate a file. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  2. In the Flagstaff area the number of foreclosures are actually slowing down and short sales are on the increase as sellers become more aware of their options. They don’t just have to walk away from home but they need someone like you that knows the system. I think a lot of us have gotten into the short sales over the last few years more than just voluntarily.

    • San Jose Short Sale Agent says:

      Eileen, You mention a relevant fact regarding foreclosures slowing down and the number of short sales increasing. The same is true in San Jose and Silicon Valley. Short sales no longer have a negative stigma attached to them. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

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