San Jose Short Sales and Short Sale Pets

San Jose Short Sales and the Short Sale Watchdogs?

I received a call from one of the owners of my San Jose short sales. The owners are divorced and both have moved out of the property. They still have personal property in the garage and some furniture in the home. The owners wanted to put their dogs in the backyard. When I asked why – the response was:

The dogs will bark and protect the property!

I reminded the sellers of why we removed the dogs in the first place.  We removed the dogs because they bark; the barking dogs deter a lot of people; and we certainly want all prospective buyers to see the home, including the big backyard.

I asked the seller:   Do you want a successful San Jose short sale or do you want to let the dogs protect the property while it goes into foreclosure?

San Jose Short Sales are challenging as it is. Short sales are a process and require full cooperation of the sellers.  If homeowners are living in the property then we deal with pets on a case by case basis.However, I do not recommend using pets as watchdogs to protect a vacant home. It presents a nuisance to the neighbors and is likely causing the dogs more stress than the San Jose Short Sale Specialist who listed the property for sale. Many may consider the dogs abandoned and report animal abuse.


Short Sale Watchdog?


If you are a San Jose Homeowner and unable to make your mortgage payment(s) understand foreclosure is not the only option.  There are dignified solutions. We are here to help.

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